Matt MacIsaac - Certified High Performance Coach

Founder of Conquering Heights – “Inspiring others to Conquer and Succeed” and Certified High Performance Coach (one of only 450 CHPCs in the world). A Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces of 16 years with experience in teaching Leadership, Mental Toughness, Mission Planning, and mentoring others to become Leaders. 12 years instructing Mountaineering, 12 years training Martial Arts students, and 5 years studying High Performance Psychology. He has experience as a Leader in some of the world’s harshest environments; leading multi-national forces on NATO missions where failure is not an option. Coaching Teams to succeed in harsh mental and physical conditions gives Matt insight into what people need to overcome to achieve greatness.

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High Performance to me, is being inspired to achieve goals at a sustained rate that not only exceeds expectations of myself, but allows me to feel fulfilled and full of life at the end of the day.
— Matt MacIsaac


Ginel has an inspired passion and love for natural movement. She’s played countless sports and competitions, just enjoying the feeling she has had since childhood to move and play. Her holistic approach towards inspiring her clients to greater health encompasses Nutrition, Sleep, use of Clean Products, as well as Fitness. Ginel has worked with everyone from Elite Athletes, Military/Police, to at home parents; through which she finds all require similar needs, but different intensities and degrees. Together Ginel will have you inspired for greater energy, enthusiasm, and health!

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Everything has beauty but not everyone can see.

Michelle Falcone is not only a very successful business woman and Mother, but she is also a Divine Feminine leader! She believes in the potential of every human being and is committed to helping those she works with to obtain a life full of passion and peace. Michelle comes from very humble beginnings and her journey in life has provided her with a beautiful gift of helping others transform their own life.